Rest. Love.


Our world is wrought with busyness, and our culture has lost the value of rest. Most of us in the US get two weeks of vacation, and usually split it up throughout the year; or worse yet, spend it with family. There’s just no rest in that.

At Wild Wisteria, we understand the need for rest. We want you to walk in and breathe. Deep. We want you to get away. Completely. But that takes time and a personal commitment to just rest. If you’re game, so are we.

Wake up when you should. Eat a hearty breakfast served steaming hot for you to enjoy. Take a stroll through our 8 acres of gardens, grass, and forest. Check out a museum, the gardens, the river, or many of the other amenities in the area. Eat at one of our locally-famed mushroom-infused restaurants, then take a nap. Finish the day by spending a relaxing evening at the book barn, a winery, or any of the astounding eateries in the area. And then… Do it all again.

Rest. Love.

That’s why we are creating the “Rest. Love.” (B&B Getaway) program. Spend seven (or more) days with us and get a 20% discount on our standard rate for your entire stay. Spend a month (or more) and make it even better with 40% off our standard rate for your entire stay. Use code RESTLOVE7 or RESTLOVE30 respectively to leverage your discount! Or call us directly and we will help you out.